Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just one photo on a two-page spread - Say What?!

If someone gave you one 5x7 photo and told you to make a two page spread without using any other photos, do you think you could do it?
Of course you can! ;)

Check this out...  Everything Scrapbook & Stamps, the LSS I design for, gave me these super cute Easter themed papers and big ol' sheet of giant sticker embellishments by Reminisce.  You can visit the Reminisce blog by clicking here.

At first I had no idea what to do with the gigantic stickers... then it dawned on me to use those in places where I might normally have placed a photo.

So there it is:  A full two page spread using nothing but one 5x7 photo.  You don't need to have this particular paper, or these particular stickers... just start thinking about using your embellishments as a feature on your page instead of just an accent.

As always, thanks for reading ~ Happy Scrappin'!

1 comment:

Just A Few said...

This is sooooooooooo Adorable! good job girlfriend.

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